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Member Videos

A00 - Introduction Video

A01 Video

A01 - Connecting Heaven and Earth


A02 - Rediscovering Deep Energy


A03 - The Art of Breathing


A04 - More Power


A05 - Awakening the Magnetic Body


A06 - Kundalini Awakening


A07 - Boost your Forces


A08 - Changing Your Wavelength


A09 - Third Eye Keys - Gaze Fascination


A10 - Third Eye Keys - Reaching The Zero Point Field


A11 - Third Eye Keys - Shifting Reality

A12 Magnetic Charm and Attraction


A13 Quantum Magnetic Gaze (Fundamental)


A14 - Better Motivation


A15 - Entering a new Universe


A16 - Catalepsy and Regression


A16A - Connect to One's Self


A17 - Vitality Enhancement


A18 - Fascination and Non Verbal Communication


A19 - Resolve Pain


A20 - First Protocol


A21 - Work with Presence (Fundamental)


A22 - Aura Exercise


A23 - Awakening the Senses


A23b - Develop Your Vitality and your Fire


A24 - Di Pisa 01 (Rare Video)


A25 - Di Pisa 02 (Rare Video)


A26 - Focus Training


A27 - Hypnotic Induction - Self Assurance


A28 - Hypnotic Fascination on Animals


A29 - Hypnotic Fascination for Hypnotic Anaesthesia

Member PDF Manuals

Alcemal - Hermetism, Alchemy and Animal Magnetism

Alchemal - The Alchemical Process According to Basile Valentine

Alchemal Exercise 1 - The Hermetic Caduceus and the Mirror

Alchemal Exercise 2 - The Second Preparation of the Hermetic Caduceus

Alchemal Exercise 3 - Initiatory Path with Mirrors

Alchemal Exercise 4 - The Circle

Alchemal Exercise 5 - Why Symbolism?

Exercise - Helping the Induction Phase

Exercise - Magnetic Passes

Exercise - Private Instructions In Gaze & Mental Pictures

Exercise - Seven Powerful Types of Hypnotic Gaze

Exercise - The First 5 Breathing Exercises

Exercise - The Key of Life

Information - Animal Magnetism & Mesmerism Scheme

Information - Animal Magnetism: A practical & Scientific Approach

Information - FAQ About Mesmerism & Our School

Information - Masters & Inspirators

Information - Utilization of Fascination in Therapeutic Practices

Information - What is Fascination?

Member eBooks

A Practical Manual of Animal Magnetism (Teste, Alphonse)

A Series of Lessons in Personal Magnetism (William Walker Atkinson)

A Treatise on Animal Magnetism (Charles P Johnston)

An Introduction to the Study of Animal Magnetism (Du Potet de Sennevoy, Jules Denis)

Animal Magnetism and Magnetic Lucid Somnambulism (Lee, Edwin)

Animal Magnetism With the Life of Mesmer (A Surgeon)

Christal Gazing (Northcote Whitridge Thomas, Andrew Lang)

Complete Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Mind-Reading (A. Alpheus)

Curative Mesmerism (Adolphe Didier)

Cures Effected by Animal Magnetism (Adolphe Didier)

Facts in Magnetism (Rodgers, W. H.)

Hand-book of Mesmerism (Buckland, Thomas)

History of Magic (Eliphas Levi)

Hypnotic Fascination (Dr. Marco Paret, William Atkinson)

Initiation into Hermetics (Franz Bardon)

Instantaneous Personal Magentism (Edward Shaftesbury)

Isis Revelata (Colquhoun, John Campbell)

Lessons in Personal Magnetism 1901 (William Walker Atkinson)

Lessons in the mechanics of Personal Magnetism (Edmund Shaftesbury)

Life of an Hypnotist and Magnetizer (In Memoriam of Eugenio Vento)

Magnetism and Magic (Du Potet de Sennevoy, Jules Denis)

Mental Therapeutics (Theron Q Dumont)

Mesmer - Theorie Du Monde (French)

Mesmerism in India (Esdaile, James)

Natural and Mesmeric Clairvoyance (Esdaile, James)

Personal Magentism (Edward B Warman)

Personal Magnetsm (William Barnes)

Practical Mental Influence (William Walker Atkinson)

The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism (Theron Q Dumont)

The Imposition of the Hands (Oswald Wirth)

The Mystery of Time (Dr. Marco Paret)

The Secret of Success (William Walker Atkinson)

The-Science of Psychic Healing (William Walker Atkinson)

Thought Force in Business and Everyday Life (William Walker Atkinson)

Thought Vibration (William Walker Atkinson)