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Dr. Marco Paret

Dr. Marco Paret: Father of Mesmerism Rebirthing and Founding Director of the ISI-CNV International Institute for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Communication - Non Verbal (CNV), Leadership and Coaching.

Until 2006 nobody knew any more what mesmerism was. Not only he is the father of moderm mesmerism but he has also incredible skills in hypnosis, NLP, coaching and other disciplines and speaks fluently many languages. He demonstrates what he teaches. A graduate of Turin’s University, Italy, Dr. Marco Paret's fascination with the underlying psychological dynamics of human interaction within the corporate world of business and society at large has moved him to train with many of the worlds leading experts in the field of applied psychology. When Marco Paret (now an NLP Master Trainer) first came across NLP and hypnosis he immediately realised the inherent and untapped potential of combining these two disciplines. His constant exploration of these potentials has led to new discoveries and made valuable contributions to the field. Dr Parets’ work has also been, and it is fundamental to have Mesmerism, Fascination, Mind Enchantment and other powerful techniques aka "paretian hypnotism" re-diffused into the modern world.

A passionate student of linguistics, fluent in English, French and German as well as a working knowledge of Spanish, Russian, Polish and Czech , Dr. Paret has made extensive study of the grammar and other linguistic structures of Classical Arabic, Dutch, both Classical and Vulgar Latin, Greek, Ancient French, Sanskrit as well as other languages and dialects less known and/or no longer in use.

His skill in understanding the underlying mechanics of language(s) has afforded him the ability to work with the subtle relations that exist between grammatical and syntactic structures of language and thought — enabling him to develop new effective pattern sets that interweave hypnotic communication techniques with NLP as well as the creation of a completely new didactic methodology for the teaching of foreign languages.

The conducting of an in-depth study of the Enneagram and its applications in a modern perspective led Dr. Marco Paret to develop the Instant Enneagram (a sensory based model of the Enneagram) and explorations of hidden traditions have inspired the creation of new techniques pertaining to state-of-consciousness navigation.

Dr. Marco works with many large international companies including...


Over the years Dr. Paret has become acquainted with a great many of America's leading hypnotists through the holding of numerous conferences within the USA as well as other countries. Having held high quality training in many Italian cities and appearing regularly on Italian television to share his professional opinion as an expert in hypnosis and NLP, Dr. Paret has secured an agreement with the influential Italian National Trade Union SINAPE (the largest union for emerging professions) and commissioned by the Regional Secretary for the delivering of NLP and hypnosis workshops aimed at training professionals in Turin city as well as being responsible for the broader public education of the subjects he teaches.

Dr. Paret is also President of the Association “Programmazione Neurolinguistica” and is responsible for the conception and development of a new professional grading: Expert in Non-Verbal Communication with Specialisation in Graphology. This grading has already been formalised as a career rank or title in the county of Lombardia.  Programmazione Neurolinguistica is listed by the CNEL as an association most representative of emerging professions.

Founder of the ISI-CNV Institute

When Marco Paret founded the ISI-CNV in 1992 he had no idea just how successful it would become. Considered by many to be the ideological father of NLP-3, the new paradigm of advanced NLP, Dr. Paret's knowledge and experience has enabled the Institute to distinguish itself from other organisations by its numerous successes both in the field of training as well as that of research.  These successes as well as years of tight co-operation between ISI-CNV trainers led to the formation of a sister organisation solely devoted to exploration and research within the field. Officially opened in 2004, the ISI-CNV Centre for Research is quickly becoming a world leader in the depth, scope and quality of its ongoing work.

The re-birth of Mesmerism

To understand how Paret became a Mesmerist it is necessary to look at his background, because he was a level-headed businessman who after completing his studies at Turin University worked in marketing for the next five or six years and employed by major companies such as Fiat and Michelin. Then something incredible happened which changed his life. In 1990 a good friend of his, Max, became interested in hypnotism and to find more about it he approached Virgilio Torrizzano who, he had heard used hypnotism from time to time, and very successfully.

Max found out that Virgilio was working as a barber and went to see him. The shop was full of customers waiting to have their hair cut, so he waited until one customer got out of the barber’s chair when he approached Virgilio asking him could he tell him how hypnotism worked. He thought he might be able to make arrangements for them to meet in the future at another mutually convenient time. But he was in for a surprise because without saying a word to Max he turned to the waiting customers, asking them if they would agree to take part in a simple experiment he wanted to conduct. When they all agreed, although one of them did so rather reluctantly, he closed the shop door and fixed his gaze firmly upon the customer whose face showed he was far from happy at what was taking place; all he had was wanted was a haircut. But within seconds the customer’s obvious look of annoyance and defiance changed as Virgilio continued his fixed gaze and told him that the cigarette he was smoking tasted and smelled awful. The man then became doubled up in a paroxysm of coughing which was so violent Virgilio had to slap his face a number to bring him back to reality.

If that was not enough he turned his gaze on another customer, and without saying a word the customer’s face became ashen and virtually diaphanous as if it was made of wax. Then Virgilio asked him what he name was. The customer replied giving a woman’s name, much to the amusement of the other customers, but it was the name Virgilio had silently willed the customer to give. After that Virgilio returned him to his normal self.

Max was entranced by Virgilio’s demonstration and soon afterwards, and with Virgilio’s permission, took a number of friends to see him demonstrating his amazing, silent and rapid hypnotic demonstrations. On the other hand his friend Marco Paret remained a level-headed businessman and was initially unimpressed. Despite his negativity Max continued to regale him with what Virgilio was able to do, and constantly asked Marco to come with him and see for himself what amazing powers Virgilio possessed. Under that continued pressure Marco was finally persuaded to go and see for himself all the things Max had described ands he had thought bordered upon the impossible. And not only did he see them but Virgilio successfully used his fixed gaze technique on him, but his personal experience was to change Marco Paret’s life.

After his personal experience he had long conversations with Max about how Virglio’s fixed method could be used to restore people to good health. They both agreed they had found something which would of great benefit to humanity and decided before they did else they would approach Virgilio Torrizzano and ask him he would accept them as his students. He agreed and they learned things which other people would not believe really existed. For instance, Virgilio not only had the ability to diagnose medical conditions accurately, he was also able to locate hidden objects. In addition to learning how to use instant ‘fixation’ they also learned how and where Virgilio had got his knowledge from.

As so often happens when someone becomes interested in a particular subject they unexpectedly locate something important in the same area of their interest, and this was particularly true of Marco Paret and his friend Max. While they were in contact with Virgilio they heard of the work of a Professor Erminio di Pisa, who at the time lived in Milan. He was a man who had studied hypnotism from the same age as Virglio;  when he was fourteen years old.

Nor did the coincidence stop there of age stop there. Professor Erminio also discovered his own way of to hypnotise people immediately, something he called, ‘Instant Hypnosis’, and more importantly achieved instant healing in the majority of people seeking his help. A few of his patients/clients required two or three sessions before their condition was permanently resolved.

Intrigued by what they heard about the Professor, Marco and Max telephoned him to ask whether they could meet him. Without any hesitation he said ‘Yes’, and that was to result in being the first of many visits where they were talked about and witnessed his techniques.

His method was very simple. Erminio would ask what and where the problem was. He would then instantly ‘hypnotise’ by fixating them with his eyes and seconds later he would feel, intuitively, the problem had gone where upon he would terminate the session. Because each session only last a matter of a few minutes he was able to see up to 300 people per day without feeling drained of energy at the end of the day.

Dr. Marco Paret’s Credentials

  • Former Personal Representative of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) in Italy and Southern France
  • Awarded Trainer of the Year by the prestigious American organisation NFNLP
  • Member of the French Syndicate of Psychotherapists and officially recognised as a trainer in Psychotherapeutic Interventions for therapists by the French Ministry of Labor
  • Chief Organiser of the 2004 International NLP-3 Coaching Conference in Nice where the formulation of a historic agreement-protocol in the field of Coaching was achieved.
  • Practicing Psychotherapist in Nice, French Riviera
  • Campus Coordinator of two American educational institutes located in the French Riviera region.

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