Healing the human being

Friday, October 2, 2015 - 00:02

Le fluide n'est point une substance qui puisse être pesée, mesurée, condensée. C'est une force vitale. (Baron Du Potet)

The vital fluid is not something you can weigh, measure or condense. It is a vital force. (Baron Du Potet)

Hypnotism and Animal Magnetism can be allied disciplines for healing the human being.

Healing is a process that involves the human being as a whole; starting from his animal part.

We must rediscover it. Our modern culture and society make us live in a world of images and thoughts. But even if we spend most of our time in front of PC screens, our inner and real nature is always the same as the one cavemen had.

Our inner self is always sensible to natural things and has more sensory acuity than we normally use.

Our body is more central in this kind of work than our minds are. To effectively heal and to relate to other human beings we must always start from something related to the body.